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Business Traveller's city guides provide you with compact, indispensable guides to the sights you shouldn't miss in cities around the world. Choose your guide from the drop down menu, or search by region by clicking on the links above.

4 Hours in Marrakech

4 Hours in Marrakech 01/11/2018

There is so much to see in this medieval Moroccan city, it pays to know where to go if you are exploring with limited time — full story »

4 Hours in Shanghai

4 Hours in Shanghai 30/09/2018

Beyond the Bund, this quintessential Chinese megacity offers plenty of just about everything — full story »

4 Hours in Toronto

4 Hours in Toronto 30/08/2018

With its high-rise skyline and international outlook, this buzzing Canadian city holds its share of surprises — full story »

4 Hours in Singapore

4 Hours in Singapore 01/07/2018

Exploring art and architecture, shophouses and godowns in the Lion City — full story »

4 Hous in Xiamen

4 Hous in Xiamen 31/05/2018

Once known to Westerners as Amoy, this island city is southeast China’s hot spot for both business and leisure — full story »

4 Hours Stockholm

4 Hours Stockholm 30/04/2018

Island-hop around the Swedish capital, taking in Baroque palaces and a well-preserved shipwreck — full story »

4 Hours in Athens

4 Hours in Athens 02/04/2018

A ramble through the Greek capital offers a chance to take in five millennia of history and some house-distilled ouzo — full story »

4 hours in Kowloon

4 hours in Kowloon 28/02/2018

Malls and markets, temples and towers enliven Hong Kong’s thriving north side — full story »

4 Hours in Frankfurt

4 Hours in Frankfurt 01/02/2018

Discover experimental art, subterranean speakeasies and hearty cuisine in Germany’s financial capital — full story »

4 Hours in New Orleans

4 Hours in New Orleans 30/11/2017

Spend a few hours immersing yourself in the Crescent City’s colorful French Quarter — full story »

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