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Ba refunds


Capetown2k - 12/12/2012 19:10 BST

I cancelled a flight on the 27 th November online at I still haven't had my money back ( nearly 2 thousand pounds)

I chased Ba last week only to be told it can take up to 28 days due to the October fog and sandy

I asked could the lady on the gold help line chase it for me, she told me if she did it would automatically go to the back of the queue

Why should I have to wait up to 4 weeks to get my money back I think this is a disgrace

I want to take this further does anyone have a contact at Ba that might be able to help


LuganoPirate - 12/12/2012 19:38 BST

I can't help you with a contact Capetown, but I can only advise 28 days for a refund is not too bad, and it has nothing to do with Sandy or the fog but with the way airlines handle your payment.

It can take about 10 days from the date your flight was to depart before the airline receives the money from the cc co. Obviously it's not just your payment that comes in but thousands of others as well. To be certain they will allow another 4 days before they look to process it and then another 10 days back in the cc system before it's on your account. So 28 days is about right, though why it should go to the back of the queue just for enquiring is beyond me. I think that's just to put you off.

Usually the answer will be "yes, we'll chase it", and then of course they do nothing.

Sometimes you're lucky, my record was 5 days, and sometimes not, 3 months was the longest, and worse, you can't even ask them to credit it for another flight as their system can't handle that. So hang in there and be patient I'm afraid to say.

Capetown2k - 12/12/2012 19:43 BST

Thanks Lugan

One thing I didn't mention was I cancelled my wife's flight and got the refund on my American express within 5 days so is very hit and miss

I sell online and the most one of my customers would have to wait is 5 working days

VintageKrug - 12/12/2012 19:47 BST

I cancelled a ticket online on 11th November. Refund back on my BA Amex within two days.

Bish. Bash. Bosh.

Capetown2k - 12/12/2012 19:55 BST

Agree I normally don't have to wait but to be then told up to 28 days is not satisfactory

VintageKrug - 12/12/2012 20:14 BST

Not satisfactory at all, but within the T&Cs. I'd imagine it will be a lot less than 28 days in the event.

Anything odd about your trip (part flown/cancelled last minute/multiple sectors/airlines/higher risk credit card)?

Capetown2k - 12/12/2012 20:17 BST

No VK nothing odd did same refund in my wife's name a few days later payment back on my card

Not to worry ill just have to wait

TimFitzgeraldTC - 12/12/2012 20:51 BST

Hi Capetown2k

I know you mentioned you booked online (so rules might differ). It can take up to 12 weeks for refunds to be processed (IATA rules I believe) though most refunds we submit as an agent come back within 2 weeks (on fully flexible tickets often immediately). I have one that might take that extra time for a client because they were time changed and the new flight offered was not acceptable as 12 hours different with Iberia. As it was a nonrefundable ticket we have to send this for authorization. However those with partial or no cancellation penalties should be much quicker.

I'm surprised it is taking this long as you don't mention anything out of the ordinary has happened and your wife has already got the refund. More just to say it could be worse!

Capetown2k - 12/12/2012 21:05 BST

Thanks Tim

I have a feeling it may have had something to do with the first upgrade Ba did on the exc club, but maybe way off the mark

It's good to know 28 days isn't that long in the airline industry

Thanks again

VintageKrug - 12/12/2012 21:41 BST

Ah! So this was a fare upgraded with avios or cash?

I think that might be the complication.

Was your wife's ticket exactly the same - upgraded with avios or cash?

Capetown2k - 12/12/2012 21:45 BST


I was talking about the maintenance upgrade Ba was doing to the exc club

It was a normal booking


MartynSinclair - 12/12/2012 23:23 BST

BA refunds and credits into my charge card have all been 2 days or less.

MartynSinclair - 19/12/2012 09:04 BST

Huh......further to my above post, BA shorthaul refunds via avios seem to be instantaneous, whereas longhaul (avios) can take anything up to 28 days.

Why is there such a difference.

I also have an LH Miles and More refund (longhaul), been quoted 2 months for that one.

Why the difference...?

SimonS1 - 19/12/2012 09:12 BST

Even with interest rates at record lows it's still a handy way for airlines to reduce their borrowing costs at your expense.

There must be millions outstanding in refunds at any one time and no real incentive to speed it up if it's buried in the small print. Why else could it possibly take two months to refund a cancelled trip?

- 15/09/2013 13:46 BST

I would like to bring into your attention regarding a business class passenger from LHR TO KWI was degraded from business class to economy class, the reason given from the checking counter was that the flight was overbooked.Since he was holding a confirmed seat in Business class he wants the the ticket to be refunded and also the compensation.
The passenger name is ALTAMIMI/ABEER MRS issued with AA codeshare flight etkt no.0014130465137
We kindly request you to follow up this matter and kindly reply us at the earliest

thanks & regards,

1nfrequent - 15/09/2013 16:53 BST

Erm ... Why are you posting this here? Shouldn't you be raising it with the airline? You might also want to remove your telephone numbers as well.


Be_Nice - 15/09/2013 20:45 BST

From my travel agent about aa week and on the BA site around 3 to 5 days. So not too bad.

Brusselsregular - 16/09/2013 08:56 BST

I recently cancelled a long-haul Avios reward flight. The points were back in my account almost immediately ( less than one hour ). The refund of taxes to my credit card was there when I checked 5 days later.


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