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HedgeFundFlyer - 11/12/2012 18:10 BST

Interesting anouncement that Star, Aer Lingus and Virgin domestic get to use the new T2 - my thoughts:

- no BA in the new T2. No suprise to me but VK (who was swearing blind that it would happen) will be disappointed!!! I assume BA will consolidate its second tier short haul services in T3 now.

- by my count, 12 airlines including SAS and Singapore to leave T3. It should make it a much quieter place, even when BA moves from T1.

- T1 is doomed and will be history within 2 years. Great news but no word on the expansion of the new T2.

- what now for Virgin? Delta and Skyteam in T4, long haul in T3 and short haul in T2. Far from ideal....

transtraxman - 11/12/2012 20:16 BST

Maybe I am naive but I have always thought that public statements made by public companies would be adhered to until such time as they were changed (publicly).

BAA (now Heathrow Ltd. or something similar) agreed with the airlines that
T5 is for BA
T3 BA and other oneworld airlines and some unaligned
T4 Skyteam and some unaligned
T2 Star Alliance

The mess at the moment is a result of the rebuilding going on and the air groupings at the time the inter terminal moves were made. The takeover of BMI by BA means the airline is spread across three terminals. This is not an efficient solution. However, the full results of the moves might well have to wait until T1 is knocked down and rebuilt.

As some have already pointed out on this forum there is a question of adequate gates to use and the number of them. Off terminal parking, and thus bussing, is here for a time.

HedgeFundFlyer - 12/12/2012 12:07 BST

There was some doubt after bmi's demise whether Star would be big enough by itself to occupy T2, hence the speculation. It seems that Aer Lingus has been the principal beneficiary of this and that it will be spared T3.

Quite what Virgin does now is anybody's guess. I don't see how they'll fit in T4 with Delta, either alone or with AL.

LeTigre - 12/12/2012 13:29 BST

HedgeFundFlyer, I'm afraid that's slightly wrong. Regarding the new T2, the following message was posted on the VS intranet:

"Following completion of this review, we have elected to remain in Terminal 3. We know our customers and our people love our unique facilities, our A-zone Check-in, the Upper Class Wing, Clubhouse, Gatehouse and Revivals and we will continue to work with Heathrow Airport to find ways to improve further on our unique ground offering.

Our immediate priorities are to achieve co-location in Terminal 3 of our short haul domestic and long haul operations."

Slightly confusing, I'm sure you'll agree. I thought that the domestic ops were headed to the new T2, as Heathrow Ltd. announced this week.

However, one thing is for certain, Virgin Atlantic are not headed to T4. Rather, in 2014, Delta is headed to T3.

HedgeFundFlyer - 12/12/2012 13:59 BST

Quite possibly, LeTigre. However:

- VS's domestic and international routes will still be split between T3 and T2

- Delta will then be separated from its Skyteam partners.

Still not ideal!! On top of that, I have it on good authority that BAA will be taking the razing ball to T3 before the end of the decade....

Str8Talking - 12/12/2012 14:18 BST

The fact that Delta seems to be happy to move to T3 so quickly highlights how important the joint venture is to them - much more important than any connections with SkyTeam partners. Add to that VS's superior ground premium class facilities at T3 and I don't think there was even an argument over it. Unsurprisingly I guess, given how lucrative the transatlantic market is. I for one, look forward to improved products across the board on the back of increasing competition.

Str8Talking - 12/12/2012 20:46 BST

Slightly related, I just noticed BA is moving some flights from T3 back to T5, namely the LCA flight. More changes coming up, no doubt in preparation for moving out of T1.

Bucksnet - 12/12/2012 21:55 BST

With Delta going to T3 and Virgin almost certain to join Skyteam, maybe the whole alliance should move to T3.

All BA flights not in T5 can move to T4, along with the rest of oneworld. MH and QR are already there.

Str8Talking - 12/12/2012 22:00 BST

The whole idea of OW being in T3 was that it's the closest terminal to T5. I doubt BA would want to go back to 4, even if that was an option.

Bucksnet - 12/12/2012 22:15 BST

Well then T3 will need to house the rest of BA, Virgin, Delta, all the other oneworld airlines and Emirates. Too tight a squeeze.

Far better for T4 to be a dedicated oneworld terminal. They're not going to get T2 with BA in T5.

transtraxman - 13/12/2012 10:49 BST

Information published in Buying Business Travel (formerly ABTN) 12-12-12
"Heathrow unveils line-up for new Terminal 2"

This should end the speculation for now.

BusinessTraveller - 13/12/2012 11:12 BST

Thanks for your post transtraxman - Buying Business Travel is our sister website, and the article you are referring to was originally published on the Business Traveller website on Tuesday:,-aer-lin

HedgeFundFlyer - 13/12/2012 11:22 BST

Transtraxman - my original post was based on the article you refer to.

Nobody here has been "speculating" but thank you for the unhelpful intervention.

transtraxman - 13/12/2012 11:50 BST

None of your interventions mentioned any source and you were even corrected by one poster.

That poster mentioned Heathrow Ltd. as a source but despite looking for it I could not find it.

I accept the comment by BT, so I provided unnecessary repetition of the information. From "unnecessary" to "unhelpful" is a great step. Unnecessary and unhelpful snide remarks are not welcome thank you.


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