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Business Traveler scours the globe for the latest developments in business travel, from special reports, to lifestyle articles and the lowdown on meetings venue worldwide. Choose from our list of latest articles, or click on the relevant categories above.

Access Granted

Access Granted 29/02/2016

Your travel plans are confirmed – but you won’t be going anywhere unless you have the right visa — full story »

Accolades & more

Accolades & more 01/12/2015

The 2015 Best in Business Travel Awards put the accent on both consistency and innovation in a changing industry — full story »

Conjuring up the extraordinary

Conjuring up the extraordinary 01/12/2015

An experienced hotel concierge can serve up magic on a silver platter — full story »

Leveling the playing field

Leveling the playing field 01/07/2015

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is a bold market experiment to change the business environment in China — full story »

Boom Time

Boom Time 02/06/2015

The world’s top hotel brands are all jostling to grab a serious presence on the African continent — full story »

Big Apple Boom

Big Apple Boom 01/04/2015

There’s no rest for hotel investments in the City that Never Sleeps – not yet anyway — full story »

Allied forces

Allied forces 03/11/2014

Even as member airlines reshuffle the alliance deck, the focus turns to the ground game — full story »

Future Perfect

Future Perfect 01/10/2014

Passengers’ expectations will shape the air travel experience of tomorrow. Three days of APEX shows how — full story »

All the Best

All the Best 03/12/2013

As the Best in Business Travel Awards mark 25 years, the choices our readers make are more relevant than ever — full story »

Luxury For Less

Luxury For Less 01/10/2013

As Asia prospers, the hospitality scene offers some real values at high-end hotels — full story »

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World Wise

World Wise

Cultural awareness and effective communications for doing business around the world »
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7 Steps to perfecting packing

7 Steps to perfecting packing

As frequent travelers, we rarely think about how we pack for our trips – but maybe we should
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Small blessings in Thailand

Small blessings in Thailand

From the bustle of Bangkok to sacred temple caves, there are places of inner peace throughout the Land of Smiles
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