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Business Traveler scours the globe for the latest developments in business travel, from special reports, to lifestyle articles and the lowdown on meetings venue worldwide. Choose from our list of latest articles, or click on the relevant categories above.

Enterprising Bogotá

Enterprising Bogotá 01/03/2016

Colombia’s capital city finds new gold as Latin America’s hub for business — full story »

Slow-mo in Tahiti

Slow-mo in Tahiti 31/08/2016

Tales of these idyllic South Pacific isles far exceed their picture-postcard expectations — full story »

Hail the revolution

Hail the revolution 31/08/2016

Need a ride? How on-demand taxi apps are changing the way we travel — full story »

Relax & Reboot

Relax & Reboot 31/08/2016

Forget sleeping pills – here are seven spa treatments that are just the ticket to ease jet lag from those Asian long-hauls — full story »

Kicked into high gear

Kicked into high gear 31/08/2016

Entrepreneurs are on a roll with crowdfunding — full story »

Boom town

Boom town 31/08/2016

India’s Millennium City has seen a meteoric rise from a cluster of villages to a thriving metropolis — full story »

A city with flair

A city with flair 31/08/2016

There’s no doubting it: from historic luxury hotels to chic shopping arcades and backstreet haunts, Paris has panache. — full story »

The future of first class

The future of first class 31/08/2016

With the quality of business class products rising, what’s the prognosis for premium seating? — full story »

Pieces of the African Pie

Pieces of the African Pie 31/08/2016

From Accra to Nairobi, business opportunities abound all across this flourishing continent — full story »

20 New Travel Apps

20 New Travel Apps 27/07/2016

Discover an abundance of apps designed to make your trips smarter and easier — full story »

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World Wise

World Wise

Cultural awareness and effective communications for doing business around the world »
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Never get lost again

Never get lost again

GPS has transformed the way we navigate our world, but new apps mean we will be able to find any place, any time
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Intriguing, Enduring Istanbul

Intriguing, Enduring Istanbul

Ancient and ageless, the city on the Bosporus unwraps its secrets at the edge of two continents
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