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Business Traveler scours the globe for the latest developments in business travel, from special reports, to lifestyle articles and the lowdown on meetings venue worldwide. Choose from our list of latest articles, or click on the relevant categories above.

Flying Pleasures

Flying Pleasures 01/07/2018

Exploring the suite life in super first class — full story »

A Space Odyssey

A Space Odyssey 01/07/2018

Hotels make room for the coworking office boom — full story »

Natural masterpiece

Natural masterpiece 01/07/2018

Auckland offers sparkling city life and luscious island wine country all in one amazing escape — full story »

Guangzhou On The Go

Guangzhou On The Go 01/07/2018

History and the future make a potent mix in this Chinese center of global trade and travel — full story »

Hot Crosses

Hot Crosses 01/07/2018

US new car buyers are shifting to SUVs in a big way – and these 4x4s and crossovers are leading the charge — full story »

Swing low sweet Charlotte

Swing low sweet Charlotte 01/07/2018

Known for NASCAR and banking, the Queen City also has some of the best golf courses in the US on its doorstep — full story »

Higher Fashion

Higher Fashion 01/07/2018

An airline’s uniform designs make an important statement about the company and its style — full story »

Chilean Charisma

Chilean Charisma 01/07/2018

Santiago’s geography preserves the city’s cosmopolitan feel and positive personality — full story »

Dining in Doha

Dining in Doha 31/05/2018

Qatar’s capital city believes in living the good life, an attitude reflected in the cuisine and culture of food — full story »

Lakeside Glamour

Lakeside Glamour 31/05/2018

For a taste of the good life, Lake Como’s glittering waters and elegant villas are a haven for celebrities and mortals alike — full story »

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World Wise

World Wise

Cultural awareness and effective communications for doing business around the world »
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Flying Pleasures

Flying Pleasures

Exploring the suite life in super first class
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A Space Odyssey

A Space Odyssey

Hotels make room for the coworking office boom
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