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Business Traveler scours the globe for the latest developments in business travel, from special reports, to lifestyle articles and the lowdown on meetings venue worldwide. Choose from our list of latest articles, or click on the relevant categories above.

Enterprising Bogotá

Enterprising Bogotá 01/03/2016

Colombia’s capital city finds new gold as Latin America’s hub for business — full story »

Scrub away the heat

Scrub away the heat 01/06/2016

Seven distinctive Asian spas offer a cool escape from the wilting warmth of summer — full story »

Tracking Success

Tracking Success 01/06/2016

Mishandled bags are one of air travel’s biggest pain points. So what’s the industry doing about it? — full story »

Material gain

Material gain 01/06/2016

A well-tailored suit will present you as a cut above. Here’s your guide through buying bespoke — full story »

Illuminating Reykjavik

Illuminating Reykjavik 01/06/2016

Iceland’s capital offers natural splendor and sophisticated style under the Northern Lights — full story »

Pleasure island

Pleasure island 01/06/2016

World-class venues, plenty of adventure and a relaxing vibe await event planners at Singapore’s Sentosa Island — full story »

10 Reasons to book the window seat

10 Reasons to book the window seat 01/06/2016

The words ‘Happy Landings’ take on a whole new meaning when the views are like these — full story »

Global rail renaissance

Global rail renaissance 01/06/2016

Train travel has its own unique challenges, but there are new solutions coming down the line — full story »

In with the old, Out with the new

In with the old, Out with the new 01/06/2016

Asia’s heritage hotels preserve exquisite architecture and their own remarkable history — full story »

The world meets in Africa

The world meets in Africa 01/04/2016

Africa is on the hunt for big business events, but it’s also taking meetings off the beaten path — full story »

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World Wise

World Wise

Cultural awareness and effective communications for doing business around the world »
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Discovering Gotham Bar & Grill

Discovering Gotham Bar & Grill

Chef Alfred Portale is one of the secrets to Singapore Airlines’ culinary success
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Is a dinner and a deal wise business?

Is a dinner and a deal wise business?

Should you eat while negotiating a deal? The benefits of breaking bread when doing business
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