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Navigating Airport Security

Navigating Airport Security 01/11/2018

These are the times that try frequent fliers’ souls – but there are ways to make them a little less trying — full story »

A Wee Dram

A Wee Dram 01/11/2018

There’s more to love about Scotland’s favorite libation once you discover the magic — full story »

Preflights of Imagination

Preflights of Imagination 01/11/2018

Stuck waiting for your plane? Here’s your guide to airport adventures beyond duty free — full story »

Shop and Play in Dubai

Shop and Play in Dubai 01/11/2018

Retail positively glitters in this glitzy emirate, plus there’s a wealth of other experiences to discover too — full story »

Taking the initiative

Taking the initiative 01/11/2018

By 2025, Amsterdam aims to be among Europe’s top three regions for innovation by making itself smart, healthy and green — full story »

Brazilian Brilliance

Brazilian Brilliance 01/11/2018

For a distinctive and exotic meetings destination, Salvador de Bahia is an hidden gem with many facets — full story »

50 favorite airport  lounges

50 favorite airport lounges 01/11/2018

Arrive at the airport early – these lounges are destinations in their own right — full story »

Drive & Ambition

Drive & Ambition 31/10/2018

With a host of new luxury cars arriving into showrooms in 2019, Business Traveler looks ahead to see what’s on its way — full story »

Seoul on a Roll

Seoul on a Roll 31/10/2018

South Korea’s capital is positively magnetic for global tourism, business travel and MICE — full story »

Winter Sports

Winter Sports 30/09/2018

Switzerland's best ski resorts have a host of activities to offer both thrill seekers and those looking to relax — full story »

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