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New Food @ Altitude

New Food @ Altitude 27/02/2018

Business Traveler compiles ten of the latest inflight dining innovations, from deep dish pizza to economy sake — full story »

Weekend in Denver

Weekend in Denver 27/02/2018

Lively attractions and easy access to the Rocky Mountains make the Colorado capital well worth your time — full story »

Thai Treasure

Thai Treasure 27/02/2018

From golden Buddhas and village homes to gleaming high-rises and mega-malls, Bangkok is a glittering study in contrasts — full story »

Changi Today & Tomorrow

Changi Today & Tomorrow 27/02/2018

With the launch of Terminal 4, Singapore’s gateway continues to show its dedication to innovation — full story »

Lounge Acts

Lounge Acts 27/02/2018

Airports are upping their ground game by offering a whole new breed of premium spaces and pre-flight amenities — full story »

Perfect Match

Perfect Match 01/02/2018

Forget traditional wine-paired meals, the rule book is being rewritten with new partnerships – from whisky and chocolate to cheese and beer — full story »

Appreciating Angkor

Appreciating Angkor 01/02/2018

Temple tours and beyond in Siem Reap — full story »

Highland Highlights

Highland Highlights 01/02/2018

Our intrepid foursome discover Scotland on a golf trip, a road trip and a cultural adventure all rolled into one — full story »

The Queen's Farewell

The Queen's Farewell 01/02/2018

US aviation says adieu to the venerable Boeing 747 and Business Traveler is on board for the party — full story »

Positively Dubai

Positively Dubai 01/02/2018

Once a tiny Gulf Coast backwater, this emirate is making a dizzying reach for the stars — full story »

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