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The Next Generation of Flight

The Next Generation of Flight 30/04/2018

New aircraft designs are spearheading a better global business travel experience — full story »

Cultural Nuances

Cultural Nuances 30/04/2018

Abu Dhabi is rich in groundbreaking architecture, cultural landmarks and ancient customs — full story »

The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come 30/04/2018

From reactive hotel rooms to jungle elephant rides, here’s a look at business travel trends on the horizon — full story »

Papers, Please

Papers, Please 30/04/2018

Passports and visas are oft-overlooked, but mission critical necessities for the business traveler — full story »

Wining & Dining on the Waterfront

Wining & Dining on the Waterfront 02/04/2018

What’s cooking at the V&A Waterfront? Practically everything, making it Cape Town’s culinary epicenter — full story »

Qatari Downtime

Qatari Downtime 02/04/2018

From camel racing and desert safaris to top-class restaurants and spas, there’s much to enjoy in Qatar — full story »

Work at Play

Work at Play 02/04/2018

Singapore offers unique venues that ensure events are not only productive but completely memorable — full story »

Time After Time

Time After Time 02/04/2018

Returning to Seoul after twenty years, our intrepid explorers find sweeping changes – and comfortable familiarity — full story »

China’s Coastal Cool

China’s Coastal Cool 02/04/2018

As a booming center of business and tourism, Xiamen’s southern star is on the rise — full story »

Connecting Flight

Connecting Flight 02/04/2018

The hottest hotspot in the sky is inflight WiFi, and the industry is racing to meet the demand — full story »

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World Wise

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Flying Pleasures

Flying Pleasures

Exploring the suite life in super first class
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A Space Odyssey

A Space Odyssey

Hotels make room for the coworking office boom
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