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1      The not-so-frequent traveler

It is a few days into your business trip, the day of your big presentation, and you haven’t, well, used the facilities.  The gas, bloating and cramps are kicking in. Trips to the bathroom are not so frequent and you’re really starting to feel uncomfortable.  You’ve done all the planning and preparation, yet you still have to deal with traveler’s constipation.  It just doesn’t seem fair. 

If you spend endless nights on the road for business, you understand the delicate balance of staying on your game and trying to maintain your health.  The constant packing, traveling to and from the airport, last-minute meeting preparation, irregular sleep patterns and diet changes can really take a toll on your overall health and wellbeing. 

It will likely be comforting to know that you’re not aloneTraveler’s constipation is an all-too-common problem, yet not often talked about, but it’s a real thing.  According to a recent survey by Allium Research and Analytics, 48% of travelers experience constipation while traveling. Different people have these problems for different reasons, such as changes in schedule, changes in diet and mealtimes, dehydration, and sitting for long periods of time in cars or planes.  There’s often a psychological aspect as well, including anxiety, stress and the “home bowl” syndrome – one’s preference for his or her own bathroom.  

2      Introducing Good To Go

Good To Go is the first safe and all-natural solution formulated specifically to help prevent traveler’s constipation.  It is not the sudden, unpredictable relief that laxatives offer, but gentle, reliable prevention.  Stop the gas and bloating from occurring in the first place.  Good To Go is a simple, four-day regimen of gentle, all-natural, plant-based supplements. It comes in a small travel pack containing 16 capsules. The regimen is started upon arriving at your destination.   The goal is to enable travelers to stay on their own regular bathroom schedule while on their trip.  Two capsules in the morning, two in the evening, each with a full glass of water, and you’re good to go.

3      Our story

Good To Go was created by Dr. Ed Levine (a board-certified gastroenterologist), and his wife, Dr. Wendy Levine (a board-certified psychiatrist) based on twenty years of patient experience and extensive research into natural laxatives. 

“As doctors, we knew that a safe solution tailored to preventing traveler’s constipation simply didn’t exist.  So we set out to create a chemical-free, all-natural combination of gentle laxatives and fiber that would be effective enough to maintain regularity, preventing the constipation before it occurs.  But we also knew that it had to be gentle enough to avoid producing the loose stools that so commonly occur with ordinary laxatives, an even worse problem while away”.  

The result is Good To Go.  Travel with one less hassle. 

4      Healthy travel tips

Here are some other tips to help you avoid traveler’s constipation on your next trip:

  • Stay Hydrated:  Try to increase your fluid intake several days prior to leaving. Aim for two or three extra glasses a day.  Drink even more fluids on the day of your trip. Electrolyte-based drinks (ex: Gatorade, Powerade) are especially helpful.
  • Increase Fiber:  Increase your fiber intake several days prior to departure. Fruits, salads and vegetables are especially helpful as are bran cereals and brown breads.
  • When you need to go, go:  When away, don’t resist the urge to move your bowels. Although it isn’t easy to use a strange bathroom, the longer you wait, the more water is absorbed from the stool by the colon. This results in drier and harder stools compounding the problem. 
  • Create a travel wellness kit: Include Good To Go in your travel wellness kit along with other essentials to keep you healthy on the road; aspirin, antacids, sleep aids and cold medicine are a few of the items you should consider.

Don't Wait For the Discomfort To Begin.

Be Good To Go


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