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10 Items You Should Always Pack for Your Business Trip

Published: 08/12/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Packing for a business trip is not like a vacation. Unfortunately, there are no swimming costumes or flip-flops in sight. Instead, you have smart clothes and plenty of reading to keep you occupied. If it is your first trip, then you will need to pack a few things that could be essential. You need to expect the unexpected and be ready to adapt to situations. For example, your flight might be delayed, and you may be stuck at the airport for hours. If you have packed carefully, you will be prepared.

Pack Some Business Cards

You might think that this is the obvious thing to do. However, you might find that you have changed suits and left your cards behind. For that reason, pack a few somewhere else such as your wash bag, then, you will always have one to hand. It is also a good idea to pack cards from other colleagues at your office, if you meet someone that needs help, your colleague might just be the person they need.

Breath Mints

Traveling for business often means eating on the way to another meeting or sleeping on the route. Both of these things can give you unpleasant breath, so you need to carry some fresh mints with you. Take one just before you arrive at the venue, so you aren’t sucking on the mint when you arrive. It is also a clever idea to pack mints instead of gum as the sound of chewing might be off-putting to your associates, you will also need to discard it when you have finished.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Carry a small bottle of hand gel with you while you travel, it will need to be small enough to pass the travel allowance, but it can make life more pleasant if you do. Meeting lots of people and shaking many hands, you should try to use the gel every 30 minutes or when you are about to eat. It will prevent you from picking up any colds or other viruses along the way. If you are attending an event or conference, then put the bottle in the pocket of your jacket so you can access it easily. Be careful not to use it in front of people you have just shaken hands with though or it might offend.

A Mini Wash Kit

If you get stranded at an airport because your flight is delayed or canceled, you won’t have access to your luggage except for your hand luggage. That is why it is handy to have a mini wash bag in there for emergencies, although it needs to comply with all the flight restrictions. However, you can put a toothbrush, wet wipes and maybe a toilet roll in there so that you are prepared regardless of what happens.

A Pre-Made Name Badge

Make yourself a badge that you can carry around with you wherever you go. It should have your name as you like to be called, plus your company name and your job title. You might not think it would be necessary, though you won’t usually be given one unless you are at a conference. Even if they do provide them, your name might be spelled incorrectly or written so that it isn’t easy to read.

Shoes for all Occasions

You might think that as a business traveler, you will be meeting people in office blocks or hotels. However, if you are dealing with a construction company, then you might be meeting on site. For that reason, it is a good idea to have a pair of sturdy boots that you can wear along with your smart shoes. If you are meeting on site, they will probably be using US Construction Trailers as their office. You will then need to wear your boots not only because of the terrain but also for safety.

An Emergency Battery and Cord

Your cell phone will always be with you and might even be in constant use. Although many places now have the facility to charge cell phones, you might find yourself in a location where you cannot charge it. If you have an emergency battery and cord with you, it will give you some additional time so that you can charge it later. You need to remember to replace or charge your emergency battery after use, however, or you might not have it next time you need it.

A Multi-Charger

If you are traveling to many different countries, then having a multi-charger is essential. You cannot rely on the hotels to have USB charging ports, plus you might also want to use a shaver or hair dryer. If you can, take more than one so that you can charge your phone while using your laptop or shaving.

Carry-On Luggage with Wheels

Along with a lot of traveling on planes and cars, there may also be a lot of walking involved in your travels. You don’t want to be carrying a heavy case or bag with you as you walk around, so try to get one that has wheels. It means that no matter where you go, your case can easily travel along behind you.

A Small Convertible Laptop or Tablet

The emphasis here is on the small and preferably a laptop that can be converted into a tablet. It will give you a lot more flexibility while you are traveling, because you can use it as a laptop for work emails or letters, then convert it to a tablet for leisure. It means you can add magazines, games or movies to it to view while you are traveling. It makes it more versatile than just a book reader, and you will have just one device in your bag rather than two or three.

As with all trips whether business or pleasure, planning, and careful packing can make all the difference. Have a checklist with you so that you remember everything and don’t leave anything behind at home or a hotel. 

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