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4 Tech Gadgets That Make Business Travel Easier

Published: 03/06/2016 - Filed under: Home » News »

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The way we conduct business on the road has been evolving for quite some time. The Global Business Travel Association reported that 78 percent of global business travelers see Wi-Fi access as a vital part of travel and expect it wherever they go, whether on airplanes or in hotels.

An increase in high-tech devices, apps and offerings is good news for business travelers hitting the road. Here are four gadgets to help get more work done, make your travels easier and enhance your productivity.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Frequent travelers who pound the airport linoleum may use everything from smartphones to laptops to get work done on the go, but that doesn’t mean they’re enjoying it. Battling through business briefs or emails can be a challenge with the intense airport and airplane noises. Ever try working on a project or report with an infant screaming one seat behind you?

Block out the chatter with Sony's noise-canceling headphones. Just make sure you're at least facing the boarding door while you're wearing them. You just may get into enough of a groove and not notice your plane is about to depart without you.

Bag Trackers

Technology may make it easier to travel, but keeping up with gadgets, smartphones, bags and personal items can quickly turn into a nightmare. Get notified when something is left behind with the Nokia Treasure Tag and app. Attach it to your belongings and your tag will alert you through the app when you're about to leave it behind. For travelers who can't help but set down everything from their keys to their smartphone and then immediately forget where it is, the Treasure Tag app can locate your lost items with both visual and audio guidance. Or use the location data on the app's map to track it down.

Travel Clothing

Keep all your travel tech in one place with the SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T vest. With a nod to functional fashion, the vest features 42 carefully considered pockets to keep your belongings neatly tucked away. Your smartphone, iPod, tablet and other devices have their own pockets to stay organized. Don’t want to come to a business meeting looking like you just shoplifted an electronics store under your vest? Unlike most travel clothing, the SCOTTeVEST features no-bulge pockets and a weight-management system to keep everything comfortable and cool. It's even treated with Teflon for water and stain resistance.

Travel Router

Don't assume the entire world is wired for your devices or even Wi-Fi ready. Getting caught in a presentation with a dead tablet or no Internet connection will leave you struggling to describe pie charts and analytic graphs. Equip yourself for a tech emergency with a Satechi Smart Travel Router/Travel Adapter with USB Port. This pocket-sized combo device features four of the most common plug configurations used around the world and four different wireless modes. Charge up your smartphone, tablet or any other device using an AC power or USB port. The router works like any typical router and connects to the Internet provided by your Internet service provider to create your own network. And if you're already connected to an existing network, you can amplify it and extend your wireless range.

Business travel doesn’t have to be tedious or difficult with the right mindset and technology in hand. You just may find you’re enjoying yourself enough to add on an extra day for a quick vacation. No one has to know if you’re exploring your base city for work or pleasure.

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