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5 Kinds of Tools Every Busy Online Entrepreneur Should Bookmark

Published: 07/06/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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There seems to be a popular misconception that internet entrepreneurs get to do whatever they want, whenever they want, because they own their own company and are therefore “their own bosses.” Unfortunately, in the real world, business doesn't operate that way. Everyone has a “boss” that they have to answer to, whether it be a manager or a client – there's always another deadline pushing progress forward.

To help deal with the never-ending online grind, busy entrepreneurs resort to using digital tools that simplify and streamline tasks to improve productivity and workflow. If you're new to the game, you might be wondering where to start in regard to assembling your own collection of tools and resources. Fortunately, you won't have to learn the hard way because we've compiled a convenient list of the top five kinds of tools that every hustling online entrepreneur should have saved in their bookmarks:

1. Keyword Planner

Media content is great, but let's face it, the internet has always revolved around words. Online entrepreneurs know the importance of targeting the right keywords to attract a specific audience and generate more traffic. However, manually brainstorming to find new relevant keywords can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Plus, you could sit there all day racking your mind for the next related keyword, and your list still wouldn't be comparable to what a simple Google Keyword Planner could do for you.

Keyword planners don't just assist you in choosing the right keywords to include on a single page, they also give you ideas for new pieces of content and distribution opportunities. Keyword planners will help you identify other topics that your niche intersects with to ensure you're maximizing outreach. When you consider the amount of results these tools can generate, it makes sense that they're widely used by marketers and SEO professionals.

2. Site Analysis Platforms

When you want to see how well a site is ranking there are no shortage of options available, but the fastest and easiest method is to use a web analytics tool to get an idea of how much authority a site has. Succeeding in online business is all about networking and outreach, so being able to analyze a site to see how much leverage it has is important when deciding which webmasters you want to reach out to. These tools are integral components in guest posting and other forms of content distribution and linking strategies.

Services like Google Analytics and Optimizely provide well-rounded interfaces in which entrepreneurs can gauge the competition and discover desirable networking opportunities. Of course, aside from letting you measure the success and presence of other sites and brands, these tools also serve the primary purpose of giving webmasters a more accurate overview of their current standings on the web.

3. Trend Tracking

Staying on top of current affairs and trending topics is part of the job description for any online entrepreneur involved in social media marketing and other trend-oriented marketing methods. Trend tracking tools help you stay aware of what's going on in your niche or in pop culture as a whole. Busy online entrepreneurs use these tools to speed up the process of creating new articles and meme content that has a high chance of going viral based on the popularity of the trend itself. Associating a brand or news story with a trending topic is a classic advertising trick that continues to work well for those willing to capitalize on the hive mentality of consumers.

Organic traffic is good, and it should definitely be included in every well-rounded strategy, but it's also very slow and gradual compared to the huge boosts a site can get by riding trend waves to attract more visitors. If you're too busy to watch the news and keep track of these things yourself, a simple trend tracking tool like Google Trends is a must-have.

4. Social Networking Dashboards

Every entrepreneur who is looking to expand their business presence should be highly active on all the main social media sites. However, logging in and out of accounts to maintain separate profiles can be a real hassle. When you can't afford to waste time on login screens and you need to spread your message across as many platforms as possible simultaneously, social media hubs or dashboards like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sendible would be ideal options to consider.

With one of these tools in your bookmarks you'll be able to quickly update your statuses on all of your accounts from within a centralized user-friendly interface. Maximizing social interaction helps entrepreneurs reach their full marketing and networking potential.

5. File Conversion and Editing

Finally, when you're doing a lot of business online you're inevitably going to encounter a broad range of file types. Entrepreneurs need to be able to easily resize images and convert files into other formats when mediating communications and deliverables between clients.

Having file conversion tools saved in the bookmarks will make it easy to quickly address any file discrepancies and obstacles that might arise during the course of a workday. Likewise, online photo editing tools are typically cheaper and surprisingly easier to use than most of their desktop counterparts, and they're important tools for entrepreneurs who place a strong emphasis on aesthetic appeal or graphic design in their line of work.

Expanding Your Arsenal of Tools to Suit Your Needs and Preferences

There's no need to stop at the above tool types. To the contrary, there are probably at least a dozen more tools that would work well to improve your daily business processes. However, you'll never know which ones are the best for you unless you give them all a try. For that reason, it's advisable for every entrepreneur to spend a couple hours each week testing and optimizing their use of online tools. After a few months of doing that, you should be proficient in using a diverse library of tools to expedite the completion of every repetitive and menial task in your workflow.

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