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6 jobs that will allow you to travel the world

Published: 17/05/2018 - Filed under: Home » News »

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If you love to travel, then wouldn’t it be great to do it for a living? We’re talking giving up the grind of the nine to five in an office in favor of being paid to move abroad, travel the world and see everything that our planet has to offer.

You might think its just a pipe dream or that only those at the very top of their business get paid to jet off as part of work, but there are actually loads of drops requiring a variety of different skill and education levels out there that pay you to travel.

Here are six of them.

Cruise line worker

Perhaps the ultimate in traveling jobs. Working on a cruise ship means setting sail for months on end, getting to visit some of the worlds trop cruise destinations, all the while receiving free accommodation and food. The variety of roles available on cruise ships makes them an attractive proposition, with positions ranging from the traditional performers in the ships entertainment line ups to workers in the kitchen to shop clerks.

Flight attendant

The most obvious job that allows you to travel the world but also one of the easiest to get into. There were approximately 116,000 flight attendants working in the US in 2016and you don’t need a specialized degree to become a flight attendant, with most airlines only requiring prior customer service experience and a certificate from the Federal Aviation Authority. 

English Language Teacher

The role of an English Language Teacher combines offering Quality Education and Jobsin one perfect role. As the world becomes more and more connected, so the demand to learn English continues to rise which means there are plenty of opportunities to move abroad and teach your native tongue to the locals in far flung and glamorous locations across the planet.

International Aid Worker

If you want to travel for a living and make a difference to peoples lives at the same time, then a career as an International Aid Worked might be for you. These jobs allow you to visit countries you’d never previously have thought to visit and help residents recover from dire situations such as natural disasters, famine and the aftermath of war.

Tour guide

Imagine spending your days wandering through the ancient city of Rome pointing out the sights or traveling from Eiffel Tower to Louvre in magical Paris. European cities always need English speaking tour guides to lead tourists through the sights and sounds and if your knowledgeable, good with people and friendly then you could fit the bill.


Working on a building site might not seem like the obvious place to turn for employment that involves travel, but construction can give people the chance to see the world. Construction managers will often relocate for several months to oversee building projects miles away from home, bringing their expertise to developing countries. It isn’t just those at the top of the construction tree who get to travel, with support staff and general construction workers also in demand in various countries across the world.

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