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6 Team Building Ideas for Teaching Staff That Dont Require Technology

Published: 12/02/2018 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Technology has done a relatively good job at making our lives easier. However, it sometimes gets in the way of needed physical interaction. In schools for one, relationship-building and teamwork are essential. Management software, for example, may come in handy when trying to generate insightful reports, however, if you need to learn how to work with others in a team, it may not be the most effective way to go about it. There are several traditional non-technological ways of team building which you can consider that may be effective in creating unity amongst teachers and at your school. On that note, in this article, you will discover six ideas to consider the next time you’re looking for team building ideas at work.

Reading Book Clubs

Reading books that are directly or indirectly related to education may prove to be an effective team building initiative. For one, it will get employees to spend time with each other, and it is also a way to create a high level of engagement. Reading has several benefits which include making people more empathetic, improving vocabulary, helping develop critical thinking skills, and boosting memory as well as creativity. These benefits can be transferred to the workplace and help faculty relate better with one another as well as improve their interactions with students. You can explore different systems for the reading book clubs which include nominating someone different to choose the book each month, as well as exploring different genres and topics which will help improve their knowledge and skills. Alternatively, it can be left entirely up to the school management department, and they can purchase as well as choose the topic of the books. Employees can meet weekly to then talk about chapters of the book discussing what they learned and how it can be applied. They can also take turns leading the discussion to help develop other communication skills.

Take an Employee to Work Day

It is likely that you’ve heard about taking your child to work day, but have you considered taking an employee to work as well? This would give employees the opportunity to observe what work takes place in other departments which could be extremely efficient in team building. For instance, if you work in a middle school, someone from the admin office could switch places with an English teacher’s assistant. By doing this, employees would get a more in-depth understanding of the roles of their colleagues and how they can work together collaboratively for a more effective learning experience for the students. Additionally, if colleagues were considering changing career paths and crossing over into another department, this is an excellent way for them to see what various roles would entail as well as if it’s something they would truly enjoy doing.

Outside Activities

If you want to try an out-of-the-box team building activity, you can try something that is outside of the school. It could include a retreat at a secluded place or a day filled with various fun games and team building activities such as the Pittsburgh Escape Room. By doing this, you enable people to relax, which creates room for honesty, openness and a willingness to listen and learn. You could also consider outdoor lunches at a restaurant or lunch at a local park. Mealtimes are said to be an excellent time to build relationships, so including food in the mix might encourage this amongst colleagues. Sometimes employees need a change of environment, so a team building exercise away from work may prove to be highly effective. 

Group Mentoring

When numbers of people are working together, there are bound to be clashes and conflicts. It is therefore important to ensure people can work together to ensure maximum productivity and the best output possible. One of the ways that you can do this is through providing group mentoring for the faculty in which they can discuss various things. This will have several effects which could include them being able to get things bothering them off of their chest as well as help resolve conflict between staff. It also an opportunity to discuss learning challenges and learn new skills as well as new things from their fellow colleagues. Instead of outsourcing the mentoring it can be carried out by different members of management.

Fitness Sessions

Working out together in a bid to stay healthy may be an effective idea for team building. Not only is it good grounds for bonding, but exercise can also help work productivity. Apparently, studies show that mental firepower is directly correlated with our physical regimen, which means what we do with our bodies has an effect on our outputs at work.  There are several activities that you could consider that incorporate exercise. Some include sports such as football or basketball, after-work or morning work-outs, obstacle courses or indoor rock climbing. You could also consider group dance classes if you want a little bit of a laugh too.

Volunteering for Charity

Getting staff to volunteer to help at a charity is an awesome way to give back as well as work together as a team. You can encourage them to pick a charity that’s dear to their hearts and volunteer once a month. This should help create empathy, compassion, and understanding amongst staff which should help them when relating with one another, as well as when they interact with other students. Some charity activities to consider include feeding the poor, helping build homes for poor families, or even putting together a charity event. This is also more likely to create an impression in their minds that will last longer than a morning meeting or an ice-breaker.

Team building should increase cooperation and motivation amongst staff. Faculty, staff and leadership teams that happen to be highly effective are more likely to ensure that students are learning to their best abilities. One of the best days to achieve this may, therefore, be to create, authentic relationships by engaging in some of the interactive team building activities mentioned above that don’t require technology.

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