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A Ride with Tesloop, the Tesla Rideshare Company

Published: 08/09/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Palm Springs is a popular resort destination, about 120 miles east of Los Angeles. It takes about two hours to drive between the two cities and until now, there was no shared ride or shuttle service available. Tesloop now offers several trips back and forth each day, using a fleet of electric Tesla Model XSUVs. The cost varies, but seats (there are five available in each vehicle) start at $29 each way. $29 when it costs about $15 in gas to drive it yourself and a Greyhound bus ticket is $35.
A Ride with Tesloop, the Tesla Rideshare Company

Beyond the LA - Palm Springs route, Tesloop also has Tesla shared ride service between Los Angeles and San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County and Orange County and San Diego. The rideshare service uses a series of about 50 virtual stops, located throughout the communities they service. It means you book a point to point trip between two specific destinations. I took a trip from Palm Springs to Los Angeles but specifically went from a Panera Bread in Palm Desert (about 20 minutes from Palm Springs) to a Starbucks in Gardenia (close to Torrance, where I had a meeting). The service also now picks up and drops off at LAX, making Tesloop the only shared ride service from the desert to the airport. Seats start at $29 and go up to $79, again based on time and date of travel. Like airline tickets, more popular travel times and holidays cost more.

During the ride, it's a comfortable, relaxing experience. The little SUV is spacious and the "vegetarian" leather seats are very comfortable. You have free 4G, in-car Wi-Fi and free noise-cancelling headphones are available. The company even curates a music playlist played during the trip (requests are also taken). There's even a little cooler with complimentary snacks and water for the passengers. The $100K + Tesla Model X is filled with safety and driver assistance technology and it's quite fast. The electric engine moves it from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. The range is about 250 miles so there's no risk of running out of juice on a Tesloop ride. The Model X is an electric vehicle so you're traveling in a way that's environmentally friendly. Although economical, the service still feels like a premium experience, starting with the Tesloop concierge who reaches out before your trip to confirm the details. 

A Ride with Tesloop, the Tesla Rideshare Company
The service is faster than driving yourself as the vehicle can use the carpool lane. It's also equipped with a FasTrak transponder to allow access to the FasTrak lanes on many Southern California freeways. I took a morning trip into Los Angeles without any traffic and a return trip to the desert, departing DTLA at 5 p.m. With carpool and FasTrak, we still made it back to Palm Desert by 7:15 p.m. The company will also begin an LA to Santa Barbara route and an LA to San Francisco service sometime in the near future.

All photos by Freddy Sherman
By Freddy Sherman

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