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Accounting Services - How to Land Your First Clients

Published: 12/09/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Have you decided to launch your own accounting practice? If so, you will be eager to get started and acquire your first clients; however, the process might seem easier said than done. Well, to help your business get off to the best possible start, here are 6 steps on how to land your first clients.

Gain a Listing on Reputable Directories

Thousands of people will look for a professional accountant each year, and there is no reason why you cannot take a share of the market. To successfully connect with as many customers as possible, ensure that your company is listed on various reputable directories, which will allow prospective customers to discover your accounting services online.

Create and Optimize an Attractive Website

Drive a considerable amount of traffic to your business by launching a website, which should promote your services, experience, and unique selling points. It is vital to include a contact page online to encourage people to telephone or email your company to discuss how your services will meet their needs. Don’t forget to include a little bio about yourself on the website. After all, people invest in people. Unsure how to create a website? Consult a web design specialist with experience creating striking websites for accountants.

Launch a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Actively promote your brand and business using social media marketing. Develop a solid strategy that will allow you to engage with your target market, which can drive traffic to your website, boost brand awareness and increase engagement levels. From promoting your services to offering exclusive discounts and content, find ways to capture your demographics’ attention on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Accounting Services - How to Land Your First Clients

Advertise in the Local Paper

Do you want to connect with a traditional customer? Advertise your accounting services in a local newspaper, which is ideal for reaching out for technophobic entrepreneurs, businesses, and freelancers. People like to support local businesses so ensure your advertisement stands out from other accountants advertising in the same or similar places.

Attend a Networking Group

Many entrepreneurs, consultants and businesses will be in need of a great accountant to take control of their finances. That is why it pays to attend networking events to mix with potential clients, who might be looking for a new accountant. It is a great place to promote your business and form industry connections.

Eye-Catching Leaflets

Don’t be afraid to post eye-catching leaflets to homes and businesses to promote your services. One client out of 100 will make all the time and effort worthwhile, as you could secure a long-term customer. Ensure you include a visible call to action on each leaflet, which should encourage people to either pick up the phone or visit your website. You could even provide new customers with a free item of value, which could encourage them to sign up to your accounting services.

Have you got any handy marketing tips to help professional accountants land their first customers? Please feel free to share your informative advice in the below comment section.

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