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Air China offers pre-ordering of meals on select international flights

Published: 18/05/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Air China has begun offering onboard meal pre-ordering for first and business class passengers on select international flights departing Beijing.

The new service is currently set to run until October 28, 2017. During this time, passengers travelling in fare classes F and A (first class) and J, C, D, Z and R (business class) will be able to reserve their onboard meals at least 24 hours before their flight departure time.

Applicable destinations include cities in the US, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, Austria, the UK, South Africa, Belarus, Germany, France and Italy, though some routes only provide pre-ordering for snacks rather than meals.

The full list of applicable flights is as follows:

Flight No. Route Meals Snacks
CA781 Beijing → Zurich   1
CA783 Beijing → Auckland   1
CA907 Beijing → Madrid   1
CA817 Beijing → Washington, D.C. 1  
CA819 Beijing → Newark 1  
CA841 Beijing → Vienna 1  
CA855, CA937 Beijing → Heathrow 1  
CA861 Beijing → Geneva 1  
CA867 Beijing → Johannesburg 1  
CA879 Beijing → Montreal 1  
CA887, CA983, CA987 Beijing → Los Angeles 1  
CA721 Beijing → Minsk 1  
CA909 Beijing → Moscow 1  
CA931 Beijing → Frankfurt 1  
CA933 Beijing → Paris 1  
CA939 Beijing → Rome 1  
CA961 Beijing → Munich 1  
CA981, CA989 Beijing → New York (JFK) 1  
CA985 Beijing → San Francisco 1  
CA991, CA997 Beijing → Vancouver 1  
CA995 Beijing → Houston 1  

Some 18 dishes are currently listed by Air China as being available to pre-order. These include garlic silver cod fish, Korean-style grilled beef fillet, Wuxi pork spare ribs, teriyaki chicken, and wonton noodle soup, among many others.

Ordering can be done only through Air China’s official website (location must be set to China) and can be selected by following the “Booking Additional Services” under “Self-Booking” on the home page.

by Craig Bright

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