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American Airlines updates uniforms on over 70,000 employees

Published: 22/09/2016 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Behind the Scenes: American Airlines New Uniform Photo Shoot

American Airlines employees showed up to work on September 20th with a new look. Over 70,000 employees put their best foot forward in the new uniforms after almost three decades of the same look.

The new color scheme is a slate gray, cobalt, and crisp white combination and is manufactured by Twin Hill - - a Houston based manufacturer. 

The airline has also partnered with a classic American brand, Cole Haan, to create a line of accessories including custom-designed handbags, scarves, pocket squares and mores that accent the gray and white uniforms.

The employees worked closely with the designers to make sure the look was comfortable and functional. 

This look is the final piece of the AA / US Air merger and is one that should serve them well now and into the future.

By Elizabeth Atkinson


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