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Business Web Hosting for Frequent Travelers

Published: 04/12/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Whether you run a business that takes you all over the country or on trips abroad, your website must operate regardless of your changing time-zone. Things like being able to get hold of technical support wherever you are at whatever time you’re checking the website logs matters more when you’re not keeping regular hours.

Here we look at which types of web hosting are suitable for people who manage their sites or have the responsibility for them on behalf of an employer.

Many Small Sites

Some businesses rely on a series of websites to sell different product lines or appeal to customers in certain parts of the country or market segments. In other cases, there’s a single website with every aspect of the business handled under one domain and one site (covered in more detail in the next section).

When you have a series of small sites with modest traffic needs, you might be able to get away with using a shared hosting plan as long as it has enough capacity to handle 5-10 sites comfortably. provides comparisons between different hosting providers that will be very useful to make the final decision.

One Company Site

For single larger sites, there’s the issue of how many pages or post that it has and how many visitors arrive on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. With a larger number of pages and posts, the database holding this information will be substantial and the disk space used is greater. You’ll want a web host that uses solid-state drives rather than the older platter disk drives to load the pages quicker.

Admin Access & Support

When you’re traveling a fair bit, but you still have responsibility for your website(s), then having web access to the admin section (and the cPanel if they offer it) is critical. You may need to log-in via a tablet or even using your smartphone in an emergency, or when your work laptop is back in the hotel room. Be sure to use advanced security measures like two-factor authentication to make this access secure though.

Online and phone support is important. Most hosting companies outsource their support to foreign call centers. What you need is people who understand hosting through and through. Often, they know how to manage the servers or write computer code themselves. One way to test the hosting company out before signing up is to write some technical questions to the sales team and see how they handle it. They may be knowledgeable enough themselves to answer them correctly or they could refer the question through to their IT department who provide sufficient feedback to answer fully. Either way, you should be convinced that they know their stuff before signing up.

The quality of hosting support varies enormously and can be costly in both time and money when it’s not there when you need it. It’s worth paying more for hosting just to get access to a crack support team when the website really matters to the business.

Business web hosting needs are different to personal accounts for hobby blogs. Mission-critical functions and providing 24/7 information to potential customers matters; otherwise, it affects the bottom-line badly. Choose your hosting provider carefully. 

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