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Evaluating Accommodation Options for Long-Term Business Travel

Published: 24/08/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Stop by any nearby airport on a given day and you'll see an endless parade of people coming and going. Each one of them has their own life story, experiences and travel tales to share. Many of those individuals are business travelers, heading to a plethora of destinations to work on behalf of their companies and organizations.

Some of these travelers won't be coming back for a very long time. In the world of business, some travel involves long-term business operations – and that requires long-term accommodations. For those planning to travel overseas on business, it's important that both the employer and employee are aware of their options. Let's review some of the best accommodation options for long-term business travelers.

Extended Stay

Long-term Hotel Accommodations

In many situations, businesses want to keep the accommodation selection process as simple as possible. When traveling on business to a major city for the long-term, the most straightforward solution is to rent a hotel room or suite for the duration of the stay. Unfortunately, there are downsides to doing this.

While many hotels will provide a long-term stay rate for those planning on staying for weeks or months at a time, the rates overall are still exorbitant. Smaller businesses and those with limited cash flow may find that this isn't the most ideal use of resources for long-term business travelers.

However, staying at a hotel has many advantages. Guests do not have to worry about supplying a variety of items such as toiletries and linens, and are guaranteed to have their own private working space as needed.

Triple Net Properties

For those travelers who plan on being in a city for the foreseeable future, renting properties from a landlord directly may be an appealing strategy. Many business-friendly accommodations can be found in the form of “triple net” properties, which are often new or relatively new properties of high quality.

Triple net properties derive their name from the terms they offer: the tenant is responsible for all real estate taxes, all insurance costs and all maintenance/upkeep. This certainly adds some cost to the upfront pricing of triple net properties for sale, but can often be cheaper than a hotel's nightly rate when long-term agreements are signed.

Unlike a hotel, most triple net properties are more secluded and/or standalone, meaning you won't have to worry about noisy neighbors or constant foot traffic.

Couch Surfing and Direct Rentals

Solutions like Airbnb may be the ideal choice for business travelers who plan to be in a given area for long periods of time – but who may not be hunkered down in one specific location.

Couch surfing and direct rentals from owners through platforms like this can provide you with an easy and dynamic living experience. If you're traveling between nearby cities, for instance, you can procure accommodations in each city as needed throughout the duration of your stay.

Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to find ideal accommodations on short notice when using this option. Additionally, you may discover that the accommodation isn't as advertised or includes previously unknown issues (such as noise or clutter), which has led to some real rental horror stories. Every short-term rental presents the opportunity for volatility in this regard, meaning that your long-term travel experience could be more variable than through the other options available.

Now that you're aware of the long-term business accommodations available, you'll be better prepared to balance out the pros and cons when choosing a solution. Whether you value peace and quiet, streamlined living or bigger savings, there is most certainly an option that can deliver exactly what you need.

Photo by Extended Stay America

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