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Fly like a Pro: Expert Tips from Avid Business Travelers

Published: 15/02/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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We’ve covered a lot of great business travel news and industry-specific updates here on Business Traveler. In this article, we’re going to take a quick break from covering the latest updates and talk about some of the best tips to keep in mind as a business traveler.

Traveling for business isn’t always easy or convenient, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the experience more enjoyable. We’ve talked to avid business travelers and those who are traveling frequently – including professionals and athletes – and we’ve compiled a list of important travel tips to keep in mind.

Get Your Passport in Order

There has been a regulation change that alters the way US passports are issued. In the old days, those who ran out of passport pages could ask for extra pages to be added. Today, a passport renewal is required. If you travel frequently, it is best to get the renewal done as soon as possible. The new passport has 52 pages instead of 28 and will allow you to travel more without hassle.

The US State Department also issues duplicate passports. You can still travel on your main passport while the duplicate passport is used for various purposes such as visa applications and other documents. It is also a good idea to keep your old passport when renewing it, since visas issued to the old passport are not automatically transferred to the new one.

Rely on Travel Programs

These are tips we acquired from athletes who travel frequently, especially those under the Athletes USA scholarship program. One of the most tedious parts of traveling is going through security. There are actually ways you can get through the process faster. You can apply for expedited traveler status such as the like TSA Pre? for American travelers and the Global Entry for international travelers. These programs do pre-travel checks and grant you a valuable “trusted traveler” status.

There are also airline and hotel loyalty programs worth using. Stick to one or two airlines whenever you travel so that you can collect miles more effectively. The same can be said for hotels and hotel chains; there are a lot of interesting rewards you can gain from these loyalty programs, including free upgrades and VIP treatments.

Pack and Prepare

Last, but not least, always make flying as enjoyable as possible. Wear a pair of pants that fit well and slip-on shoes; this way, you can put items such as your belt, smartphone, wrist watch and pen in your carry-on and avoid having to take them off during security checks.

You can also carry a spare change of clothes in your carry-on, especially now that airports offer showers and changing rooms. Slip into something comfortable and you’ll enjoy the flight even more.

The most important tip of them all, however, is staying healthy. Business travel can be very challenging. By staying healthy, you can enjoy the whole experience from start to finish and appreciate business trips even more than before.

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