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How Can a Business Traveler Keep in Touch with Their Business?

Published: 30/11/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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As a business owner, you will know how much work is needed to keep things running. Some businesses may require a lot of traveling to speak to clients and arrange deals with other companies. With all this traveling, you need a loyal and dedicated team at the office to keep things running while you’re away. However, even with a good team in charge, you will still want to keep up to date with all the work and decisions. How can you keep this vital link while traveling?

What to Delegate

Before you start on your travels, it is important that you decide between you and your partners, what they can deal with, and what you want to deal with personally. It ensures that you have a clear agreement so that things don’t get missed or dealt with in the wrong way. One such issue could be an amendment to LLC operating agreement as requested by the IRS. Such issues need to be dealt with in a certain way, so you need to be ahead of the game and informed of such requirements.

Emails and Texting

One of the most obvious ways that you can communicate with your business is through emails and texts. It can be straightforward for your colleagues to forward emails to you directly so that you are kept in the loop. Texting is also a good way to send you a quick message as it can be queued until you have a signal. You might want to set up a direct link to your company’s email inbox so that you have a secure way to view the emails. It is advisable that any sensitive information isn’t sent by text or unsecured email.

Online Servers

One way that you and other employees can all keep in touch with the business is via an cloud server. It allows everyone in the business to access and collaborate on files and documents saved on it from anywhere in the world. It also requires a password to access it, so it can be kept secure regardless of the device you use to access it. You will also be able to see documents securely rather than having them emailed to you.

Video Conferencing

There may be times that you need to have a face to face discussion with your managers. In these cases, you can utilize video conferencing to substitute an actual meeting in person. The good thing about many of these video conferencing applications is that you can also share documents at the same time. They can also be conducted via cell phones and tablets, so they don’t even need a dedicated camera to operate.

Traveling around while trying to keep your business running isn’t easy. However, you can manage things well if you have the support of a good team and the technology to keep everything in order while you’re away. With these things in place, you can still achieve everything you want for your business while still helping it to grow. 

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