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How Digital Marketing Is Changing the Travel Industry

Published: 18/05/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Digital marketing has hit various industries in all kinds of different ways and the travel industry is no exception. In fact, not only has digital marketing had an impact on the industry, but it’s actually responsible for a number of changes that have happened and are continuing to occur. Despite all of these changes, this is also an industry that seems to be adjusting relatively well as it goes.

Digital marketing impacts to travel

Travel Bookings Have Migrated Online

Where it used to be that travelers would head into their local travel agency to make their travel arrangements, today’s travelers make bookings online. According to statistics from CNN, it used to be that 20 years ago there were roughly 34,000 travel retail locations in the country, whereas today we are close to about 13,000. This is a significant drop in brick and mortar locations, but that doesn’t mean people have stopped traveling.

Now it's quite common to find mobile-only travel agencies (MTAs), which are agencies that are only available in a mobile online sense. It's all about the digital age now, and travelers, in particular, Millennials, are spending the money and making bookings, but in a digital way.

Recommendations Have Taken on New Life

When examining digital marketing in the travel industry, the first thing that pops into the minds of experts is recommendations. Again, this is an area that has benefitted from technology. It used to be that people would speak to their group of friends for recommendations and then call it a day.

Today, digital marketing is taking place in an organic way in terms of online recommendations. Regular people are leaving recommendations online, giving travelers a whole new source of information that feels reliable and credible. Travel agencies are able to step back and let tourists do the talking, allowing them to focus on other channels of marketing.

New Means of Communication

Of course, digital marketing has also given the travel industry a new way to connect and communicate with travelers, which has been a real problem in the past. Not only can they reach large audiences but they can be more targeted with their messaging, which allows for better results.

The Marketing Doesn’t End After Booking

Another way in which digital marketing has really expanded into the industry is that the key players have realized it doesn’t have to end with the booking. In fact, onboard marketing is quite big nowadays. The airlines and tour operators are taking advantage of the growing in-flight entertainment options and technology to continue to spread their message and market their products/services.

The digital marketing agency Single Grain is an excellent example of a marketing company that recognizes today's trends in marketing, embraces them, and uses the information to benefit its clients - including those in the travel industry.

It’s an exciting time to be in the travel industry as more and more companies start to not only understand what digital marketing can do for the business right now but also where it can take them in the future.

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