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How To Ensure Your Business Can Run In You Absence

Published: 12/03/2018 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Have you ever wished that your business could manage without you while you got on with your important meetings and traveling to trade shows and similar? Or would you love to be able to go on vacation and not be called every day because someone has a question about something that only you can answer? If that’s the case, you need to build a business that runs without you. It may sound like you’re making yourself redundant, but that’s not the case. Having a business that runs without you means that you can step back when you want to (when you need to!) and not have to worry about losing out on any revenue while you’re away or returning to find that nothing got done because everyone was waiting for your approval. Does it seem like an impossible dream? Don’t worry; you can do it!

Make Your Employees Invested In The Company

If you want your employees to work well and professionally when you’re not there it’s a good idea to make sure they care about the company. If they care and are invested, they will work hard no matter what. If they just aren’t bothered about the outcome or whether the business thrives or fails, they probably won’t do very much at all if you’re not there to steer them (and watch them intently). Fostering a culture of ownership in the company is the best way to keep everyone interested. This could mean giving your employees shares or making sure they are all listed on the website, and all have a part to play. You could ensure you praise them and reward them when they do something right. These things can all make employees feel like they have a little ownership over the company and that will entice them to work much harder and more successfully.

Ask Them What They Would Do

If your staff come to you with a question about how to do something, ask them what they think they should do. Don’t give them an answer right away. If you do, they will automatically come to you when they don’t know how to do something, or even if they’re just not one hundred percent sure they’re doing it right. Understandably, this takes up a lot of your time when you should be doing more important things, plus it will lead the employee to believe that they can’t do their job because they are constantly questioning themselves (and you!). Asking your employee what they would do means that they have to come up with a solution. It might not be the right one, but this is a good start. Once your employees have their confidence back, they won’t need to ask so many questions anymore.

Get A Good Manager

Having a good manager as your right-hand man or woman can truly ease the pressure you have put on yourself as a business owner. This person is the one who will deal with the staff’s issues and questions, leaving you to run the business and work on it, rather than in it. Finding a good manager could take some time – you’ll need someone who is good with people but who is also authoritative. Ideally, they should understand the sector that you’re working in too, although this is not as high on the list of requirements as you might think. That information can be learned but being able to manage people and bring the best out in them is something that not everyone can do. Take your time to find the right manager for your company, and you’ll see that you can step back and let them look after the more mundane aspects of the business. You might even get to take that vacation you’ve been longing for.

Make An Instruction Manual

This is another job that can take a long time to get right, but it is worth every second of hard work you put into it. In fact, the longer you spend on it and the more complete you make it, the less time you’ll have to spend worrying about your company. When you first start your business is the time to begin your instruction manual. Back at the start, you may have wondered if anyone else was ever going to read the details you were noting down, but as you grow and take on more employees, you’ll see how important it was. Write down every aspect of each process and system that is in place. Write it as though whoever is reading it has never been in your company before (which could indeed be the case). Include everything from how to log onto the email system to where to order office supplies. You can detail even more specific things such as Encyro's in-depth comparison of email encryption services. Not everything you note will be relevant to every member of staff, but they will be able to take the information that is relevant and use it well. Remember to update this manual if anything changes or if you add new systems to the company and remove anything that isn’t needed anymore or it could become confusing.

Don’t Make It About You

The biggest mistake company owners make is to make it all about them. If you’re a sole trader that’s expected, of course, but if you run a larger business and you have employees, it is no longer just about you. If you feel you are the only person who can sell enough, if you think you’re the only one your customers want to see, you’ll never step away from it, no matter how well informed or competent your employees are. It’s wise to give them a chance to do what you do. You may be surprised. If they can do it, then you can already move onto doing different things within the company. If they can’t, perhaps it is time you taught them. They will appreciate you putting faith in them, and it will mean you can finally take some time off without your business losing money when you’re away. 

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