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Netflix, Spotify and Foxtel coming to Qantas

Published: 17/02/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Travellers flying on Qantas domestic flights will soon be able to stream movies, TV shows and music from Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify’s media libraries for free using the airline’s in-flight wifi.

While the paid-subscription services can be accessed using any wifi service with the speed to support streaming, Qantas will be providing access to the services’ libraries for free to all travellers regardless of whether they are existing subscribers.

Qantas customers will be able to access the services for free both on and off the aircraft for between three days and one month after their flight, depending on the service. Foxtel will provide three days’ free access to its app each time a customer flies with Qantas; Netflix’s entire library will be available as part of a 30-day free trial for new members, while existing subscribers can log in to continue watching at no extra charge; and Spotify will offer a 30-day free trial of its Premium music service, which features no ads, shuffle play and unlimited skips. Travellers will be required to sign up for a subscription to access Netflix’s and Spotify’s free trials, though no sign up is necessary to use Foxtel’s three free days’ access.

“We know that email, online shopping and general web browsing will be popular uses when we switch on wifi, but what a lot of people relish about flying is being able to catch up on their favourite TV shows or watch movies they didn’t get to see at the cinema,” said Olivia Wirth, Qantas group executive of brand, marketing and corporate affairs. “Foxtel and Netflix both have huge catalogues that are expanding all the time, so there will be no shortage of entertainment on board.”

Qantas’ free, high-speed in-flight wifi is due to begin rolling out on its first B737 to be wifi enabled late this month, with the carrier claiming its wifi will offer speeds ten-times faster than conventional on-board wifi services. The wifi offering will then be rolled out across the rest of the airline’s Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 aircraft from mid-2017 onwards.

The Australian carrier is currently speaking to suppliers regarding the extension of its wifi services to international and regional fleets.

by Craig Bright

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