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Productive Ways to Spend Your Business Flight

Published: 07/12/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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While the Internet makes it easier for today’s professionals to do business without leaving the office, there are still times when you are required to travel. Sometimes this is more frustrating than you are prepared to deal with because there are a million and one things left to do which you may not be able to do while traveling. Or can you? Actually, some of those little tasks you may be able to do, even at a flight altitude of 39,000 feet or higher, depending on the length of your flight. If you have little time to spare, here are some productive ways to spend your business flight.

Keeping up With Industry Trends

Many times we get so busy with the day to day tasks-at-hand that we simply don’t find time to keep up with industry trends. This could be devastating to you personally as well as professionally because technology has significantly impacted literally every industry imaginable. If you are in a highly competitive field, it would be ultra-productive to spend some time on your next flight seeking out an online industry magazine on Keep up with trends and stay ahead of the pack. That’s one way to survive in this dog-eat-dog world in which we live.

Revisit Goals and Set New Ones as Needed

Another area in which many business professionals seem to fall behind is in revisiting goals they’ve set to see which have been met and which are still outstanding. While in flight, you can easily work on goal setting with minimal distractions. There are no office phones to answer, irate clients to deal with or linemen needing advice on what to do about stalled projects. The flight attendant might stop by to see if you’d like a drink or need any snacks, but those distractions are minimal and no reason to keep you from taking an honest look at how you’ve done with goals to date.

Catch up on Correspondence

If you are like millions of other business professionals, the one thing that seems to pile up daily is the amount of email that comes across your desk. Somehow there are never enough hours in the day to answer each and every one, so you put it off until there is little hope of ever getting back to everyone who’s contacted you. Use your time wisely, even if the Internet is spotty up at this height, and start replying to some of those long-overdue emails you’ve been putting off. If you can’t send them immediately, save them as drafts, and the moment Wi-Fi returns, send them on their merry way.

Productivity is the name of the game and why you may want to spend all your time doing work you’ve long neglected. However, productivity also requires you to be at your best, so take some time mid-flight to rest a bit and just let your mind relax. By all means get some work done, but also think about that meeting on the other end of your flight. You don’t want to meet a client or business contact looking like something the cat dragged in, so take some time to recharge. Productive people know when it’s time to take a break, and on a business flight is a great time to do just that.

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