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'Smart' shower coming to Marriott on a test run

Published: 05/12/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Marriott Hotels converts shower door into a shareable canvas

Marriott is testing what it says is one-of-kind-technology, enabling guest to record thoughts and ideas while taking a shower.
The Splash of Brilliance innovation at the Irvine Marriott in California, allows guests to write or draw on touchscreen shower doors, and then send it to their email address for future use.
The technology – which will be available in selected rooms at the hotel for the next two months, works by creating a ‘canvas’ from the build up of steam on the shower door, allowing guests to “to write or draw whatever comes to mind – name of the next hit song, idea for an app or the framework for a new design”.
The group said that a recent survey showed that 51 per cent of guests feel they have their best ideas while taking a shower, adding that it will “determine any further rollout based on usage, feedback and satisfaction scores from guests staying in the Splash of Brilliance room”.
Marriott Splash of Brilliance 
Commenting on the technology Matthew Carroll, vice president and global brand manager, Marriott Hotels, said:
“Marriott Hotels promises to embrace the pace of change. We are constantly looking for new ways to use technology to enhance our guest experience. Our M Beta hotel in Charlotte started our journey of testing and trying and this shower door technology pushes the limit of our thinking in an imaginative and fun way.”
Marriott recently unveiled a raft of new in-room smart experiences at its Innovation Lab, including a system allowing guest to speak to a virtual assistant to set up wake up calls, request housekeeping services or even start their shower at a desired temperature.
Marriott Hotels also holds regional Testbed accelerator programmes, which aim to find cutting edge technologies which can transform the guest experience.    
by Mark Caswell

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