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Stay Safe as You Travel for Business

Published: 27/09/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Most of us would love to travel the globe in our free time, however, many of us are called to our 9 to 5 job so we can pay the bills and save to afford vacations abroad. Certain careers do require traveling for business though, and exploring the world while working can be appealing. Although you’re technically working, you’ll have time to sightsee and discover the country, town or city you have flown or driven too.

You must, however, remain safe. If you’re a backpacker or going on a normal vacation, you will be given advice on the area; what to look out for and how to stay out of trouble. A business trip should be treated similarly. Here’s how to stay safe as you travel in the name of business.

Book a Reputable Hotel

Your company may wish to save a few dollars, but if the hotel they’re considering is located in a dodgy area, tell them and ask for a better location and facility. Being cautious of your safety does not make you picky, in fact, it makes you smart. Therefore, don’t be afraid to tell them if you’re not happy with the hotel they’re choosing for you.

Hotel Star Rating

Pack Your Bag in Advance

Make sure your passport, important documents, cell phone and medication is packed in your cabin luggage. There is the risk of your check-in luggage being lost, so you want your valuables and necessities with you for the whole journey. If your cell phone has poor battery, then pack a charging cable for the airport or hotel when you arrive.

Check Your Hire Car

Book online beforehand, and carefully select your vehicle. Once you’re given the keys at the airport or hotel, make sure to double check the paper work, records, and how it drives. You don’t want to be caught off-guard, and you don’t want to be driving a dangerous vehicle. Of course, if any accidents do happen to arise, then you can contact Craig Swapp & Associates for any help on legal matters. You should also buy insurance before taking to the road.

Pack a Map

Getting from the airport to the hotel, and to any business meetings in multiple locations, can be trying and intimidating. Therefore, either request a map when you hire a car (if they offer one) or pack one in your carry-on luggage. If the country or state is foreign to you, it’s best to be prepared.

Learn Any Differences in Cultures

If you’re traveling domestic, then there may not be any pressing differences, but if you’re traveling abroad and to a country you don’t know much about in advance, then make sure you research the area. While you’re away, you don’t want to accidentally offend anyone. Learn any etiquette rules and ensure you abide by them. Additionally, you should research any areas to avoid, places that are safe, and learn how to dial numbers, whether it’s to your home country or to someone else. 

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