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Announcing the first ever Business Traveler of the Year awards

Published: 02/12/2014 - Filed under: Home » News »

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To honor the millions of enterprising souls who, week in and week out, trek the world to make business happen, Business Traveler magazine was looking for that special individual who is extraordinary – a traveler who has had a significant impact on the lives of others.  Perhaps they’re someone who gives up their seat for military, or makes a flight attendant’s or gate agent’s job more satisfying, or just a traveler who makes the experience more enjoyable, more productive and more successful for all of us around them. 

We found two exemplary individuals who fit that bill and then some. Here are the winners of the first-ever Business Traveler of the Year Awards.

Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson is both a proud Navy wife and a global traveler who puts in 175-plus days a year on the road as a corporate event marketing manager for a major international company.  She is a cancer survivor, friend, sister, daughter and wife who balances her career, home and charity work, all while inspiring others through her successful blog, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife.  When she’s not out on extensive travel, she and her family live in San Diego, CA.

Despite the rigors of travel, all her life experiences have taught her not to take the moments on her journey for granted.  “It’s easy to get caught up in what we come to know as mundane: catching planes, car rental counters and checking into yet another hotel,” Heather says.  “I’m not alone in waking up forgetting what city or time zone I’m in either! Yet there is this gift of being able to explore a part of the world you may not have seen otherwise.”

Her advice to road-weary travelers:  “Even those of us with millions of miles under our belts have the opportunity to see something we haven’t before, to meet someone new and to listen to their stories. It’s really about discovery.”

Andy Abramson

Andy Abramson is founder and CEO of Comunicano, Inc., a communications, public relations and marketing strategy consultancy based in Del Mar, CA. Andy took his company from a one-man operation to a full-service consultancy with clients around the globe, from Sydney to San Francisco, in Israel, and across Europe, the US and Canada.

In his 190-plus days of round-the-world travel, Andy says the most gratifying part of travel is the individuals he meets along the way.  “Making friends with the people who operate the hotels and limo companies so they next time I’m there, it’s more like a family affair than a returning guest. I find that the friendship creates a better experience every time, taking a bit of the sting of being away from home. Hearing ‘welcome home’ or getting a handshake, hug or kiss is always a nice feeling.” 

Summing up, Andy advises his fellow travelers, “Learn from my experiences of what works, as I’ve likely learned what doesn’t.”

By Dan Booth

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