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Tiny device takes the mystery out of wandering luggage

Published: 08/01/2013 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Shannon Lane has been live in Las Vegas for the past few days to bringing you a sneak peek at the gadgets and electronics found at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Here’s her latest discovery:

Greetings from Las Vegas.  As you probably have heard, many of the brands we all know and love have already made major announcements here at CES, whether it’s a television larger than your car or digital cameras with nostalgic design and uber-fast shutter speed. But sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest impact on your lifestyle and I came across one tiny little device that is my pick of the day.

I was chatting with Joseph Morgan and Jagdeep Bhaura of GlobaTrak about our mutual love of travel, all the places we’ve experienced and eventually the horror stories of lost time and increased stress at airport baggage claim.

Enter Trakdot powered by Globatrak. It’s a small, battery-powered device you can place inside your luggage and it tells you where your checked bag might be. And you’ll know before you get to baggage claim if you should stand around and wait for it to arrive on the carousel or if you should save yourself some precious time by going ahead and filing a lost/delayed luggage claim.

This device retails for around $49, with an additional activation fee and small yearly subscriber fee. But that means there’s one less thing for the business traveler to worry about. I was excited to see this much needed travel gadget debut here at the 2013 CES. And I’m looking forward to taking my trip to London next week, checking my bag, and leaving out the stress of wondering where in the world my bag might have landed.

You can learn more about Trakdot and other innovative travel devices I’ve discovered in the upcoming February 2013 issue of Business Traveler Magazine.

For more information, visit GlobaTrak

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