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Travel Services Under Development by AT&T and Sabre for Smartphones

Published: 17/01/2014 - Filed under: Home » News »

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AT&T and Sabre are teaming up to provide new services for smart phone users by linking AT&T’s Location Information Services (LIS) and Sabre’s strong footing in the travel industry. 

The concept is they will produce an app that will help airlines and passengers alike based on device-based location services. If you’re an airline who has a frequent flyer in security, the airline staff could be notified.  On the customer front if you are in the wrong terminal for a connecting flight a warning would be made. Retailers could get in the game too and inform customers about sales available or if they are close to a favorite restaurant. Privacy rights will have to be developed to make this a service viable option but are definitely under consideration.  At this point, they are looking to make the services available across all types of smartphones, tablets and operating systems. 

"By applying cutting edge technologies with data analytics and better intelligence, we can give travellers the personalised experience they have come to expect in today's connected world," said Sarah Kennedy, director, Sabre Labs, the technology incubator and research lab at Sabre. "Together with AT&T, we will explore the role advanced location-based services can have in helping travel suppliers provide better, more personal service to their customers."

Second quarter of 2014 is the target date for the pilot programs completion. 

Personally, I’m looking forward to watching this story develop and try out services that may become available this year. 

By Elizabeth Atkinson

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