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Uber tops car rental and taxi spend for corporate travel expenses

Published: 04/02/2016 - Filed under: Home » News »

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Expense management solutions provider Certify has released the results of its third annual SpendSmart report for the fourth quarter and full year 2015. The report tracks business travel expense spending across major categories such as food, airlines, lodging and car rental.

Among 2015 T&E budget categories, meals accounted for 19 percent of spend, airlines and miscellaneous spending tied at 17 percent, and lodging, 14 percent. 
The "miscellaneous" category has increased 5 percent over the three years the report has been compiled, due primarily to the rising popularity of Uber, which is the number one expense in the miscellaneous category.

Uber became the ground transportation leader in the fourth quarter posting 41 percent of the national total spend for ground, compared with 39 percent for car rental and 20 percent for taxi. Number two ride-hailing service Lyft accounts for just a small part of total rides, however the company has seen growth of over 700 percent in 2015 compared to the previous year.

An analysis of more than 9 million receipts and expenses logged by Certify in the fourth quarter of 2015 shows the most expensed and highest rated leading brands for business travelers include Starbucks, McDonald's and Subway in the dining category, Delta, American and United among the most-expensed airlines, Marriott and Hampton Inn in hotels, and National and Enterprise leading the rental car segment.

By Dan Booth


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