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United finishes roll out of redesigned transcontinental premium service

Published: 02/12/2013 - Filed under: Home » News »

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United Airlines has finished the roll out of its redesigned transcontinental premium service offerings. 

Every flight flying between New York’s JFK and Los Angeles and San Francisco will now offer the newly redesigned offerings. United has a fleet of 15 Boeing 757-200s operating the services.

The new design offers 28 flat-bed seats in Business First with 6’4” of sleeping space, 42 extra-legroom seats in Economy Plus and 72 Economy seats. 

These aircraft offer in-flight Wi-Fi, personal on-demand entertainment and power outlets at every seat. 

For the premium cabin, seat-back monitors are 15.4 inches, multi-course meals are served, and a wine selection curated by Doug Frost, the airline’s master sommelier, is available.

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By Maggie Squires

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