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United to fly Dreamliner to Heathrow

Originally published on 23/08/2012 - Filed under: Home » News »

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United is to operate its Dreamliner aircraft on the Houston-London Heathrow route “on a temporary basis” from February 4 next year, and has confirmed B787 services to Tokyo, Lagos and Shanghai.

The carrier is set to take delivery of its first Boeing Dreamliner in late September, and will initially use it on domestic routes, details of which will be announced “in the near future”.

It will then place the aircraft on regular international flights between Los Angeles and Tokyo Narita from January 3, 2013, and between LA and Shanghai from March 30.

The aircraft will also be used on flights between Houston and Lagos from January 7, and between Denver and Tokyo Narita from March 31.

The carrier has also confirmed that its Dreamliner will operate on flights from Houston to both Amsterdam and London Heathrow “on a temporary basis”. The Amsterdam B787 service will begin on December 4, while Heathrow will see the Dreamliner from Feb 4.

Tickets for these services will be available for purchase from August 25 (the Denver-Tokyo B787 service is already on sale).

Qatar Airways is scheduled to be the first carrier to fly the Dreamliner on regular scheduled flights into London later this year, although it has yet to confirm exact dates for the launch of this service.

For more information visit united.comand for our comprehensive guide to the Dreamliner, with details and images of current and forthcoming B787 operators, click here.

Report by Mark Caswell

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millionsofmiles - 23/08/2012 22:50

I dont understand the hype about the 787:
- Single aisle
-usually no First Class
- Biz will be cramped with that type of plane
- Eco wil be tight and cramped as ever


Shanwick1249 - 25/08/2012 11:06

787 means a lot to operators because it will save them a bunch of money, replacing older types and flying longer routes more economically -- at least it will once it starts hitting its performance guarantees.

For passengers there won't be such an obvious up-side. The onboard experience will be dictated by how the airline chooses to configure the aircraft. I have been at Boeing's customer acceptance centre in Seattle where they have all the available seating configurations on show – there is a set stock of choices. Some of them are acceptable, some of them are awful – it depends on how many seats airlines want to pack into what is a not very large cabin. But some of the Economy configurations really suck.

Many of the claims Boeing has made for the aircraft – bigger windows, lower cabin altitude – are bogus and my very non-scientific survey of friends who have flown 787 (few) versus those on A380s (many) has the A380 cabin in front in every class.

Now you can't really compare the 787 and A380 I know - but the bottom line is that the 787 is just another aeroplane and not a game changer like the A380 is (or at least can be) as far as passengers are concerned.

HaggisCH - 26/08/2012 06:57

787 is twin aisle and not single.


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