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Orchids in Vogue

The Orchid Show
February 11 – March 26, 2017
Chicago, Illinois

In a nod to the world of haute couture (Fendi and Dior are among the fashion houses that have embraced orchids), three teams of Garden designers and horticulturists have created “dresses” made of fresh orchids.

The Chicago Botanic Garden invites guests to escape the winter and visit the Orchid Show with over 1,000 orchids on bloom. This year the focus is on orchids and pop culture with a display of “orchid stories” including fashion and horticulture.  This year you can see the striking Phalaenopsis ‘V3’ orchid— a rare display at botanic gardens. Also, a special creation for the exhibit is the the 15-foot tall Vanda“wind chime.” Stunning. 

Top Taco NOLA
March 23, 2017
New Orleans 

New Orleans celebrates a fan favorite with a taco competition for Top Taco on the Riverwalk’s Spanish Plaza and it’s all for a good cause – One Heart NOLA – serving children in need. Patrons get to vote on their favorites and based one the votes four awards will be given in different categories. 

Cities around Japan and Washington, D.C.
March – May 2017

Cherry Blossom viewing and festivals date back over 1,000 years in Japan. Depending on the location of the cities, the flowers bloom at different times based on their climate.  Many festivals celebrate these beautiful blossoms and the beautiful weather that brings about the blooms. While the dates in Washington, DC keep changing with the weather (best guess today March 19-22), check out your location and see if you can enjoy the splendor that is Hanami. 

Wherever you find yourself, look around you and see what’s on. 

by Elizabeth Atkinson 

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