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WiFi has Most Impact on Guest Experience

Published: 15/06/2017 - Filed under: Home » News »

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A recent survey from Avaya, the communications technology company, identified key areas where the world’s leading hospitality brands (over 50% of respondents manage more than 1000 rooms) are looking to improve in 2017 to ensure a better guest experience.


Among the findings:

  • WiFi is the #1 issue impacting guest experience. When hospitality leaders were asked what technologies have the biggest impact on improving guest experience, WiFi service was far and away the number one answer, followed by auto check-in and mobile apps.
  • The hospitality sector should place greater priority on call center technology. Surprisingly, one third of respondents said they have not upgraded their phone systems within the past four years, and many hospitality leaders ranked call centers low in terms of impacting guest experience.
  • The need for a unified communications experience. Hospitality employees are highly mobile and spend their workdays in constant motion across a property or even multiple properties; productivity grinds to a halt if they must wait until returning to their desks to communicate with colleagues, guests, vendors and management.  Cloud unified communications makes technologies available to employees and guests quickly and immediately.
By Dan Booth

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