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Tried and Tested: American Airlines 777-300ER Premium Economy
Heathrow–Dallas fort-worth— full story »

Hotel check: Marriott Mena House
Cairo— full story »

Tried and Tested: Xiamen Airline 787-9 Business Class
Los Angeles (LAX) – Qingdao (TAO) — full story »


Best of All
Business Traveler readers celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Best in Business Travel Awards— full story »

Headwinds Aloft
The airline industry has always dealt with disruptive forces and if the past is any indication, more are on the way— full story »

Slipping Under The Net
Whether to enhance the security of online transactions or to enable access to certain websites wherever you are in the world, VPNs are a need to know for travelers— full story »

Far & Away
New aircraft designs and inflight products are making ultra-long-haul travel possible – and even desirable— full story »

No Excess Baggage
Small bag, long trip? No problem – here are seven solutions for packing, tracking and ‘hacking’ your travel gear— full story »


4 Hours Mumbai
Discover the remnants of empires and the seeds of independence in India’s most populous city— full story »

Qingdao Fling
China’s land of wine and beer is immersed in ancient wisdom — full story »

Superlative Sao Paulo
Brazil’s largest city is a blend of cultures unlike anyplace else on earth— full story »

Beyond Borders
Recent media attention may be focused on Mexican-US relations, but there is much more here for both tourists and investors— full story »

Enduring love
It’s easy to see why Barbados has long been favored as an escape to the sun— full story »


Presents of mind
Spotting just the right gift can be a daunting task, so we’ve put a little thought into it for you— full story »

Global Gifts
Giving gaffes and perfect presents— full story »

Lost Luggage
Every traveler dreads standing at the carousel with the sinking feeling that your luggage is not going to emerge. And damaged items can be just as big a headache— full story »