Rideshare giant Uber has unveiled a mask protection policy for drivers that will make previously unmasked riders prove they are masked though selfies.

If a driver reports that a rider is not fully masked (wearing a mask that covers mouth and nose), the next time they book a ride on their Uber app, that rider can expect a text that requires them to take a selfie with mask in place.

The app will detect the mask but does not record biometric data.

The shared ride company announced that the mask verification program will roll out in the US, Canada and Latin America by the end of September. The company already has a policy that allows riders and drivers to cancel trips without penalty should the other person not be wearing a mask.

So far, airlines have not followed with mask verification on their own apps, but with proper mask usage becoming a major health concern for air travelers,  a selfie solution might be in the cards.

Recently, airlines have added restrictions on masks so that ventilated masks are not allowed, but using an app to provide visual verification of masks has not been enacted on any US airline yet.