Our world is experiencing a global pandemic, Covid-19.  Governments in almost every country are watching the number of cases rise while working diligently to control the spreading of this infectious disease. Nations are taking drastic and extreme measures to protect it's population.  World travel has been limited, especially involving countries with high infection rates. As we continue to deal with this crisis those of us who must travel have to be prepared. Companies and individuals who need to travel must consider the following:

Exposure: Corporations should limit the number of employees traveling to the same location to limit the chance of exposure. This will also help to prevent their business from contamination once the employees have returned. Sending only the necessary staff while preparing support staff to assist remotely)

Travel: All travel arrangements should be rescheduled in advance when possible. Flights, hotels, ground transportation and meeting locations should be predetermined. Planning ahead will save time and allow the traveler the ability to gather information while in transit. Travelers should register and take full advantage of expedited security clearance programs, CLEAR, TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. These programs allow the traveler to move quickly through the security process while limiting potentially hazardous contact.

Luggage: Travelers should always try to limit the amount of luggage when traveling for business. This enables the traveler to carry-on instead of checking luggage. Baggage claim areas of often very crowded adding to the chance of unnecessary exposure. Keeping everything in the travelers possession is a great time saver, it allows for rapid entry and exits.

Communication: Travelers must be sure to inform employers and family of travel details, flight, hotel and meeting locations and times. Travelers should be prepared with multiple devices, WiFi connection options and backup batteries. Social Media is always a good source for current news and information and should be used to gather data of current threats and local conditions.

Travelers must be prepared and observant at all times. During this pandemic hand sanitizer, face mask and gloves should be accessible. Be sure to check with the airline carrier and hotel before departing. Make sure to also communicate with the individuals or businesses abroad to ensure that events are on schedule as planned.

CPI Investigations
Esaun G. Pinto Sr.